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Welcome to Allpro Technology

Allpro is a leading manufacturer and supplier of unique and innovative products for the global chromatography autosampler vials closures and septa in China. We have been business for over 10 years.Our customers are allover the world.and our company supports a full range of OEM business.
However,not only the products must be of best quality,but also our services to support you in your daily work,For both,product and service,to fulfill your demands and requests to the full extent.

International standard
ISO 9001:2008 certified/CE certified

9-425 Screw Top Vial

*9-425 thead finish
*Vials feature a writing patch with graduation for convenient sample identification
*Manufacturer from clear and amber Type 1 borosilicate glass
*Wide neck opening design,allows easy filling

9-425 Bonded Cap With Red PTFE /white Silicone Septa,Pre-slit

*Septa can not fall into vial.
*Reduced handling/contamination
*No interfering peaks
*Easy needle penetration
*Easily control/identify inventory

Cell Factory

*Ideal for adherent cell culture
*Boost production efficiency with more surface area in a small footprint
*Reduce contamination risks with a closed system
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